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Giving to All Saints'

As some of you are aware, All Saints’ Anglican Church, is completely self supporting

and relies on the good will of our members, our visitors and other benefactors.

We are also, at the time of writing, entering a risky financial period

in the life of our congregation in the wake of the Pandemic,

and at a time when we are reconfiguring our financial life in the face of other changes. 

Our congregation is facing a particular challenge in 2023

and we would ask for a generous response from our community – from you reading this today.

Together, we can continue to provide an active, happy and healthy ministry

to local members, to those transiting through Rome in the course of

their work, to students, visitors

and those in need of the support of a Christian community.

Donations can be received through Paypal

as well as through bank transfers to the IBAN and BIC code listed below.

Church members and others can donate a monthly amount this way.

 Thank you for your consideration and for the importance

that you attach to the continued ministry of our church in Rome.

In faith,

The Vicar and churchwardens of All Saints’ Anglican Church in Rome

Bank details

Bank name:  Banca Intesa

Branch:  Via Colonna Antonina 39,  (00186) Roma
Account Name:  All Saints’ Church, Rome

Account No: 1000/00118908

IBAN : IT87 C030 6909 6061 0000 0118 908


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