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WeddingRome is a beautiful, romantic city, redolent of Christian tradition, so it is no surprise that in recent years more and more foreigners have come to Rome to be married. All Saints' is a particularly lovely, very English-looking church, and people often enquire about getting married here. In a time when many people choose to be married in secular settings, we are very pleased that you are considering making your commitment to each other part of our own pilgrimage towards God as a worshipping community and pastoral family. Please keep the following points in mind as you make this important decision.

Like other Christian churches, the Church of England believes that the best place for people to marry is in their own parish, where at least one member of the couple resides and regularly attends services. Canon law states this principle clearly, and any couple marrying in the Church of England in the UK would be held to it. However, the chaplain will perform the marriage blessing in church, if you are willing to comply with certain strictures. Residents of Rome or central Italy are within the jurisdiction of All Saints' pastoral care, and can therefore consider All Saints' as their own parish.

If you wish to have your marriage blessed in Rome, you should understand that you will in any case have to be prepared for Christian marriage by your own minister or pastor, who will then have to contact Father Jonathan directly. Residents of Rome will have to make arrangements for marriage preparation with our chaplain. Generally speaking at least one member of the couple should belong to the Anglican tradition, since there are several other English language Christian churches in Rome.

Since the Church of England has no civil jurisdiction to marry people in Italy, a couple wishing to have their marriage blessed at All Saints' Church must arrange to be married in a civil wedding service before the date of the blessing. For foreign residents, it is easiest to do this in the country where you are living and speak the language, though it is also possible to do it in Italy. A brief description of how to go about arranging a civil marriage in Italy follows our price list, though you should always check with your consular office for any recent changes to the procedure.

If you wish to be married at All Saints' and would like more information, please send us an email at:

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